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Fertilisers For NZ Soil

Apex Gal-XeOne Fertilisers

Crops thrive best and remain healthiest when supplied with continuous nutrition. APEX GAL-XEONE® is a controlled-release fertiliser with a new, advanced polymer coating technology. It delivers optimal nutrients to the plant at a daily rate that matches a plant’s uptake requirements.

The patented GAL-XEONE® reactive layer coating was created with support from NASA. It allows water to seep into the prill and then carry the nutrients out through a semi-permeable membrane and into the soil.

APEX GAL-XEONE® provides gradual daily release of effective plant nutrients to match a plant’s uptake pattern from 2 months to 18 months. It limits nutrient loss from volatilization and leaching, reduces labour and logistics costs from fewer applications, and provides incremental value from improved yields.

Fertilisers for
Container Crops


Use NPK Max on all FOLIAGE, NURSERY and GREENHOUSE crops where the ease of application and stand consistency is a must. All APEX® NPK MAX formulations have GAL-XeONE polymer coated primary, secondary and micronutrients to provide consistent nutrition to the plant based on stated longevity. Also contains EDTA iron chelate to keep the iron in a readily accessible form for plant uptake.

NPK Evergreen

The ‘Evergreen’ NPK coating levels are blended to meet the nutritional needs of continuous feed and single flush conifers and Broadleaf evergreens. The formula provides a ‘gentle’ start, early root development with more branching and fuller plants.  Encourages autumn bud development.

NPK Plus

Use NPK Plus formulated to provide the majority of the primary, secondary and minor elements that are essential for healthy root formation and controlled top growth development. The perfect balance of nutrients and release longevities are provided in this homogeneous pellet.  Each pellet contains both nitrate and ammoniacal nitrogen along with phosphorus and potassium, to provide balanced growth of ornamental crops.

Fertilisers - Speciality & Flower Production

APEX® Specialty fertiliser products provide quality plant nutrients to your crops.

Fertilisers - Top Dress

APEX® TOPDRESS fertiliser provides controlled release fertiliser for safe and season-long nutrition.

These TOPDRESS products are recommended for all container crops that require supplemental and immediate supply of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Premium triple blends. Proven performers within the industry for many years.

Fertilisers - Turf

Fertilisers Tablets

Fertilisers - Liquid


Nurseries require a variety of unique formulations to meet their specific growing needs. You need long-lasting, controlled-release fertilisers that reduce labour costs and offer the ultimate level of application safety. With APEX® fertilisers, you get what you need in plant nutrients and nutrition throughout the entire growing season in any growing condition. Running a nursery operation can be unpredictable, your fertiliser shouldn’t be.

The APEX® line of fertilisers feature application specific formulations that incorporate GAL-XeONE® controlled-release technology. The coating process of GAL-XeONE® enables consistent, predictable nutrient delivery for up to 18 months, and APEX® fertilisers eliminate the need for top dressing on most plants.

APEX® delivers plant nutrients through a solute concentration gradient permeation process that is unaffected by soil moisture, microbial activity, and pH levels which makes it more consistent and reliable.

Product Benefits

  • Provides controlled nutrient availability for efficient plant uptake
  • Controlled nutrient release for up to 18 months
  • Reduced nutrient losses, volatilization and leaching
  • Reduced labour and logistics costs from fewer applications
Gal-XeOne Monomer Layers

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