The most successful  pest predators for nursery use, Hypomites predate a wide range of plant pests in the root zone  very successfully within  modern nursery cultural practice .They are easy to apply, work tirelessly to eradicate pests and even sustain themselves on mould mites in your media, so that they remain fighting fit to deal to subsequent  pest re-infestation.  One application in each stage of production is usually enough. Early application, in propagation, gives the best and most economical results.  Pests controlled include Sciarid fly & root mealy bug.

HYPOMITES are supplied in a canister containing a bran of peat & vermiculite.

Each contains 10,000 mites at all stages of development—eggs to adults. Simply flip the lid and shake them out onto the surface of the growing media containing your plants.

One canister will treat about 90 prop. trays or equivalent area. Simple and effective!

Special delivery conditions apply, please call for details.

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