TrichoPel 2 kg and TrichoDry Nursery, Soil or Media Additive,1 kg and 25 kg


NZ made biological formulations containing high concentrations of the beneficial organism Trichoderma sp. Careful selection of the correct strain & placement in the right place at the right time can provide suppression of a range of root zone pathogens & leaf diseases. McHort has unrivalled practical experience  in the use of these Trichoprotection┬« products developed especially for ornamental crops.

These formulations are to be placed, dry, into the root zone, TrichoPel, or blended into potting mix or soil, TrichoDry, before potting or planting.  Before you invest in any Trichoderma product give us a call.

With 20 years experience our custom made programmes that work! Call Donald on 021 782250

Trichoprotection Product Sheets - Please Read and Download


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