TrichoFlow Nursery 500 g Root Drench


NZ made biological formulations containing high concentrations of the beneficial organism Trichoderma sp. Careful selection of the correct strain & placement in the right place at the right time can provide suppression of a range of root zone pathogens & leaf diseases. McHort has unrivalled practical experience  in the use of these Trichoprotection┬« products developed especially for ornamental crops.

TrichoFlow is a wettable powder formulation designed to be drenched into the root zone of your crop.Please follow the preparation instructions precisely. We recommend it is used inconjunction with Nitrosol Oceanic, diluted appropriately, for the very best results.

See our TrichoFlow + Nitrosol Oceanic combo deals.

 Before you invest in any Trichoderma product give us a call.

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TrichoFlow Product Sheets - Please Read and Download


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